Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sonuva part XXXXV

Alas, many moons have passed since my last true update... And odds are many more may pass as well. In case anybody is really all that interested, I recently got myself a new apartment and I've been rather busy cleaning it up to move into... Yeah, the last tenants were filthy... they also had a very odd obsession with "Finding Nemo", I keep finding Nemo stickers in odd places.

Anyway, I finished up Gazael's second special attack... She throws her halo, it slices, it dices... but I guess this demo doesn't show the slicing/dicing aspect of it... It just shows her throwing it. It's pretty cool nonetheless. Almost finished! Standing block, crouching block, throw and finisher to go... Next week I plan to get cracking on this game a little more intently and get back to regular updates... But we'll see.

Here's the latest animation...


And yeah, here's a fun lil' pic... Nothing all that new though, you've seen others like it...

Movin' on up,
~ Mark

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