Friday, April 30, 2010

The Workplace Code...

I knew this was going to happen sooner or later...

I should get a firebox door from a stove...
~ Mark

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sonuva: Sadis-Jyn

Enter Sadis-Jyn. Master assassin, snappy dresser, and a real eye for color...

Made me some more promotional art for Son'Uva... Not a ton to write about here. Sadis-Jyn is a creation of my good friend, The Keith... And I must say, I'm very happy that I asked him to concept characters for me. He nailed it with this guy. Well played, Das Keet... Well played, indeed.

So yeah, Sadis-Jyn is an assassin, uses spools and stabs people's brains... I don't know where to really go with his back story in the game, but I know I kind of want him to be on the good side of the alignment... There's enough villains in this game, I'm noticing... Or maybe he'll just be neutral... Who knows. I don't want to think right now, been drawing all day and I wanna' get my chill on... So enjoy the art!

Good guys, bad guys... At least they're guys.

That came out weird,
~ Mark

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Sonuva: Azriel

So I have to write this blog super fast... It's very late and I have to be up early...

Anyway, here's yet another promotional illustration for "Son'Uva"... this time featuring my personal fav, "Azriel"... He's sort of a different take on the Grim Reaper, being a man who died for a noble cause and was resurrected and fused with an Angel of Death who now takes the role of a vigilante servant of God... The plot will take some fleshing out obviously... Whatever, you deal with it.

But alas, here's the illustration. 11x17, yada, yada... So... Sleepy...

Too tired to tell,
~ Mark

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sonuva: Canaan

Canaan was somewhat of a spur-of-the-moment decision for Son'Uva. I had been going through some material for a Graphic Novel I wanted to work on and thought the antagonists of the story would make an interesting character... Canaan was the result of that. He's basically the leader of a militant cult seeking to overthrow the government, blah, blah, blah... But enough about his story, I'll evolve that in time, here's a picture of him which I'm also planning on printing out and hanging beside the other two... and whatever others I end up illustrating... Enjoy!

Yes, he's very into red,
~ Mark

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scholars Lite

Sadly I didn't get around to working on much today... But I am never without content, my little ones... Uncle Marky always comes prepared!

In an older post I spoke about a "Lite" version of the Scholars comic which I worked on for the Six AM Comics Blog. It was basically a one panel comic strip... but really just a quick sketch I would draw as filler while I worked on the real comic. It started as a comic I would run in the school paper at UMass called "Sugar Frosted Sea Bunions"... I decided it'd be easier to just call it "Scholars Lite" so as not to commit to yet another web comic which I would struggle to keep up with... Evidently I struggle with commitment.

What you are about to witness... Is humor at its laziest.

Scholars Lite #1:

I originally drew this for a girl I was into who liked frogs. Apparently I wasn't slimy enough for her... Or she preferred guys with warts... Hmm, y'know, maybe it's better I didn't date her... I doubt my girlfriend would be very happy...

In any case, this picture speaks for itself. A frog. Ordering Riblets. Because frogs can only say "Ribbit"... I know the humor's not lost on you, go ahead and laugh... no one's looking... You don't even have to tell them it's funny, you can say you're laughing AT it... But please don't laugh at my work... Laugh with it. I'm very sensitive... Another reason Frog Girl probably didn't like me... That and my third nipple.


I don't really have a third nipple.

Scholars Lite #2:

This is a remake of one of the "Sugar Frosted Sea Bunions" comics I made (I'm gonna say back in 2002?)... It was my reaction to the Walmart "Watch for Falling Prices" campaign they had been running with that smiley face that never stops whistling... Whenever I whistle people swear at me... It's very rude. Not the image you want to put allover your company branding... But I guess smiley faces make people happy... Personally, I think of them as internet clowns... and that freaks me out.

I always thought the idea of falling prices was a little dangerous... and it makes me wonder why that smiley face delights in the potential safety risks of his company's employees...

Scholars Lite #3:

I was scolded for portraying such violent imagery in relation to "Curious George"... I guess there's not really a ton to explain here other than how that stupid monkey managed to get away with so much crap... Being a monkey doesn't make crimes against humanity okay! Sure he's soft and cuddly... But did you know monkeys also throw their own fecal matter? You think that's cute? You wanna give Curious George a big ol' monkey hug after he smears himself with his own poo and paints your walls with it? ... How about if he killed your cat? You wanna' buy him ice cream now? Yeah, didn't think so... Man in the Yellow Hat? BAD PARENTING. Nuff' said.

Maybe Jack Johnson shouldn't make so many songs about this monkey... sounds to me like Insane Clown Posse fits his demographic a little nicer.

Scholars Lite #4:

We're always digging up new Dino skeletons, changing names, learning more about their lifestyles, etc... Heck, watch Jurassic Park and you'll begin to wonder just how dumb and hungry they really were... Velociraptors? Not very dumb at all... but very hungry. This leaves me wondering what if they had a few more years of evolution (if you believe in that nonsense) under their belt? Would they cease to be hungry and move on to thirst? Not Vampire thirst, but more of an acquired thirst, one which comes from true sophistication... I'm referring, of course, to that of a fine wine.

"Ah, yes, 200 b.c., excellent year, old chap!"

"Ah, yes, I feel it truly compliments that strangely bitter aftertaste of a Human newborn from the eastern hemisphere of the United Nation of Pangaea..."

Scholars Lite #5:

Yet another remake of an old Sea Bunion classic. I can't lie, I actually stole the concept from one of The Far Side's comic strips... which to this day serves as one of my favorite comics ever... It's really the inspiration behind these lil' funnies... It was basically a donkey and a bunny sitting down in their living room... You'll get the punch line after you see my tribute.

... Get it? Anyone? Eh? ... Tough crowd.

You know... I don't recall anyone in my church being a huge fan of this one... I guess they don't like gardening...

Scholars Lite #6:

I made this one Thanksgiving Day a few years ago... I felt it was appropriate. It was also the biggest stretch I've ever had to make for a joke... It was incredibly last minute. I felt it'd be a little cheesy to make a Turkey joke on Thanksgiving Day... Which made it that much more irresistible. I don't know that anybody really saw the humor in this one... And I won't hold that against you.


At least not publicly. Rest assure though, I'll be bitter by myself.


The Turkey's wearing goggles! It sounds like gobble! ... Cause a Turkey goes "Gobble, gobble, gobble!" ... Unbelievable you people are!

Scholars Lite #7:

Okay. I'm not gonna' lie... This is my all time favorite of these drawings. I'm not playin', I love it. So if you don't care for it then keep your opinion to yourself, gosh darnit!

I don't really remember the mindset which resulted in this drawing, but I can't imagine it was anything less than a stroke of genius... Or was it a stroke of Guinness? In any case (is it just me or do I say that phrase a lot?), the idea of an old school NES being a pimp makes me chuckle. If you were born in the 90's, then you can just flat out disregard this whole post... Heck, you can disregard this entire blog, because you are not relevant to me nor my generation. That's right, we're those people that say things like "Back in my day..." and commonly refer to your kind as "Whippersnappers"... Oh, and we used to have to walk to school, uphill, both ways... And that was BEFORE the Internets! ... Actually, that was about three generations before us, so now think just how young you are! Go to your room!

Scholars Lite #8:

I think if I were an egg, I would take serious offense to both Easter and the people who celebrate it for being anything other than the Resurrection of Christ... Not because I'm religiously conservative, but because I wouldn't want to be painted, hidden in the dark, and then hunted down like an animal by rambunctious children who are probably just going to drop me and crack my head open anyway... I think they made a movie about that with Ice-T once... Though assuming some stupid little "princess" decided to paint me pink, I'd probably long for the sweet release of death by fall... Maybe I'd feed a starving child in India... Or maybe I'd be thrown in a dumpster and eaten by a squirrel... Either way, I'd have the Easter Bunny's number...

Scholars Lite #9:

I'd just like to set the record straight and say that the subject matter addressed in this image has nothing to do with anything that goes near my mouth/lungs/face. I just like to learn the terms given to illegal plants and make funny jokes about them... You know, ironically, the campus ministry I was involved in when I sketched this concept out in college was a huge fan of this one... Just a harmless observation though...

Seriously though, don't smoke kids. Do what I did in High School, light a toothpick on fire and stick it in your mouth so people driving by you at night time THINK you're one of the cool kids.

I totally wasn't one of the cool kids,
~ Mark

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sonuva: Hunter

I did some more work today on the Son'Uva animations, sadly they aren't really interesting enough to post about... i.e. Walking, ducking, etc... So in place of that boringness (new word?) I made this illustration of "Hunter"... It's a little messed up... but then, his character is going to have a pretty messed up back story... So yeah, here you go!

Anyway, these drawings, in their actual size, are 11 x 17, so odds are I'm going to print them and hang em' up... If you're interested in a copy, lemme' know.

You know you want one,
~ Mark

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sonuva: Legacy

Hey y'know what? Just because it's been a few days since I've made a post, here's a bonus illustration! If you've been following any of the Son'Uva updates, then I imagine you've figured out that this is "Legacy"... So yeah, nothing to explain here, enjoy!

Just because Marky loves you,
~ Mark

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Sonuva part XXVI

So it's been a while since I've had a good ol' fashioned Sonuva update... I think it's time to rekindle that fightin' flame... It's a small flame this time, however... I've been able to animate another move for Legacy... Yes, just one move... Since I've started working again, it's been a little tricky managing my time to work in Sonuva animations... which take a very long time. I guess if anything it keeps this blog site packed full of updates... so I guess there's that...

But regardless, I've added an attack to the Legacy moves list that I think is pretty sweet... He basically swings his arms down and creates somewhat of a hellish shock-wave with outstretched hands of the damned reach out from... I guess you just have to see it... I'm pretty sure that the majority of his moves will end up being pretty powerful/epic like this one... He is a boss after all. Another reason he's been taking so long to animate is that I'm having a hard time coming up with a unique moves list for him... so any ideas are welcome... just don't expect any real credit when the game is finished... I'll totally steal your ideas. Not sugar-coating a thing here am I? ... On second thought, don't give me any ideas. I'm cheap.

Anyway, here's the updated animation demonstration for Legacy:

I'll hopefully get some more work done on this as time goes on... There's not a huge rush, I'm still waiting on some music and then there's the stage work... and the programming... Oh mercy.

Maybe it'll be quick,
~ Mark

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Space Shooter

I got bored today and made this game... It's a space shooter... The most simple space shooter you will ever play in your lifetime.

The goal? Shoot the weird purple alien before he runs into you and kills you... Because for some reason, video games love the concept of touching a bad guy and getting hurt... Like they're made of pepper spray and needles.

The "invisibility orb" will make you invincible (and, quite obviously, invisible) for about 5 seconds... use it wisely though... you only get one! It's all so epic!!

So yeah, click the image below and play away!

Pew pew!
~ Mark

Thursday, April 15, 2010


You may or may not remember a post I made last year about one of my finals in college where I had to design a deck of cards... I was looking at that and thinking I may want to revisit some of the characters I designed for that someday with the "Four" card being the main protagonist...

I doubt I'd have any clear plot or setting and it'd mostly be insanely abstract... maybe a little violent given the Number Four has blood stains all over his blades... which are also his... hands? Arms?

Eh, who knows... But I had fun doodling these characters again tonight... Featured here are the Four, the Seven and the Eight. Protagonist, Antagonist and... Not-agonist?

Eh, it's late... I'm hoping next week I can continue with the Sonuva updates... which I have not forgotten about... nor have I forgotten about the Faux-tography... All in due time, my children...

~ Mark

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zombie Superstar

I have been looking for this drawing for almost 4 years now... I'm so happy. I think routinely I actually find this drawing annually and keep it out in the open as a reminder that I need to color it and show the world... but then my place gets really messy and I go into cleaning freak mode... which results in so much organization that nothing is findable. Did I put it with the sketch books or did I put it with the loose paper, is that under my bed or in a closet, is that bed or closet even at my apartment or is it at my parents? Did my parents move?!

... It's just a mess. But regardless, I found it today (It was with the loose paper... in the closet... at my apartment... With Professor Plumb)! So I quickly colored it before it got lost again... it's about that time at my apartment for Spring Cleaning, nothing will be found soon... It's like my own personal apocalypse.

So yeah, you are now bearing witness to one of my favs... The Zombie Superstar. I'm pretty sure he does hip-hop... You'd be amazed how many words rhyme with "Brains"...

Switchin' fo' lanes whiles I'm munchin' on yo' braaaains,
~ Mark

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1: The Stranger

A strange entity mysteriously appears in New York City. It is best described as a glowing, naked fat man, comatose and levitating above the streets... At first, many of the locals feared they were hallucinating... Once realizing others saw the figure, their fears grew worse... Like a practical joke with no punchline, The Stranger (as some would come to call it) remained unconscious... or so they thought...

~ Mark

Monday, April 12, 2010

Old Work HD part 2

There were yet a few more gems hidden within the depths of my Old Work Hard Drive... I couldn't let these go unnoticed. Not to mention it gets me out of having to actually DRAW anything today... It's Monday, I barely wanted to wake up let alone be productive... You know I was actually too lazy to eat food today? I put fat people to shame.

You hear some very interesting conversations in the workplace. I sat next to the reigning champ of awkward. He was a good guy... I just hated listening him talk to his loud boss with the wheezy laugh. They talked dorkanese... but a dialect I haven't heard since computer camp (I never went to computer camp)... What made them the tag team champions of nerd was how hard they tried to be relevant... I can't be too harsh, I mean, talking about the Nirvana is still mildly cool (So long as you're reminiscing about being a rebellious Middle Schooler... and you're 26). But my Cubesville neighbor caught my attention when I heard him speak these words... which are burned in my brain "Yeah, well, what's so fascinating is that, I'll bet you didn't know this, Nirvana used to be the Foo Fighters..." To which Wheezy-Laugh Man replied, "Wow... no way... that's so cool." ... DID YOU CATCH THAT? Nirvana. Used to be the Foo Fighters. I had no choice but to make this...

And for those of you who were born after 1994... go buy a Nirvana album... then learn about their drummer... then buy a Foo Fighter album. In that order.


Then tell me how awesome my childhood was because I'm insecure and need to be reassured.

Much like my present job, I once had to spend my days browsing through endless stock photography websites on a rampant search for the perfect advertisement imagery... It was for a "Father-Daughter" ad... Have you ever typed in Father and Daughter on a stock photo site? You get some really weird stuff... And it's never blatant weirdness, it's incredibly discrete... You could almost call it a visual innuendo of sorts... Either way, I'm fairly certain Fidelity never ran this ad... I'm also pretty sure I was never asked to create a web banner again... Or work there ever again... It's all fun and games till' somebody gets laid off!

But whatever, who needs em', right? There's other finance companies that can appreciate my ideas... Take Charles Schwab for instance! I've seen the commercials, they TOTALLY appeal to up and coming cartoonists, what with all their dialogue bubbles and funny looking cartoon people who distract you from the words coming of their mouths with all their vibrant colors and animation-ness... Apparently, they didn't quite go for my ad... I thought I nailed the message they were going for... Cartoons, money... schwabiness? Who wouldn't trust their money with a strange looking cartoon man? I guess I have a lot to learn about the industry...

So whatever, I could always use a vacation... I was thinking of making a trip up to Maine to see some lighthouses. The pictures always looks very lovely, and plus, it gives me a reason to go visit my lady up in the Vacation State... Yeah, bad idea... my buddy, Beezy, took a trip their a few months ago... I knew the Mainerds were behind a little on the times, but I had no idea they were actually metaphysically LINKED to the past! It amazes me that my girl has survived so long up there... she's a trooper, a real survivor.

This is another reason I don't go on vacations... Sometimes you meet strange men in the woods... sometimes they do things you'd rather forget...

This was a white shirt!
~ Mark

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tread Lightly

I've been growing ever so aware of my increasing gut... It is the bane of my existence... Yet, like a weak parent, I continue to feed it despite it blatant rebellious nature to grow against my will...

But there is always a solution... And I fear I have chosen for the worst... exercise. Diet pills never sounded so twistedly delightful.

I go to Planet Fitness... because that's where all the average people go (Generally overweight and unattractive by media standards... i.e., they're all normal). I have never set foot in a "Gold's Gym", and I intend to keep it that way... I doubt I could handle the humiliation of 100 muscle heads watching my less-than-impressive skills on a Treadmill... let's just say I tread VERY lightly. Gold's Gym is not intended for someone like me who's just trying to stay mildly in shape... Truthfully, I don't see the point in extreme weight lifting... some say it makes you buff... I think the muscles on some of the tools you see at those gyms are really just overgrown tumors (which I'm pretty sure have spread to their brains).

Anyway, exercise is hard, I suggest just dying of obesity.

I wanna' go to Friendly's,
~ Mark

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Old Work HD

I dusted off my external hard drive today to find some very interesting pieces...

Within that hard drive was a folder titled "WorkHD"... I honestly can't resist something like that, you know there's going to be tons of files that have absolutely nothing to do with anything work related... because let's face it, I never had much assigned to me there so I spent many days looking for ways to amuse myself...

... I'm so glad I opened that folder.

I don't know if anybody is familiar with an old Christian singer from the 80's/90's called "Carman"... but I used to idolize the man... His music is incredibly outdated now, but he's still a good guy, has his head on straight. But man, oh man... MAN! He had an album waaaaaaay back in the day called "Carman: Coming On Strong"... and I just couldn't help myself when I saw the image on iTunes... I couldn't help but make a follow up album...

Yeah, I know... all kinds of wrongness going on there... But let's move to a more lighter tone of entertainment... Propaganda Art! Hey, say what you will about Communism and Dictatorships, they have some SWEET graphic designers working for them... whether by will or not.

I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but there was a magazine article that John McCain did during the elections (with Obama... in case someone is reading this 100 years from now... when I'm a killer cyborg reanimated and reprogrammed to hunt mutants in the wastelands of the former United States of Canada... formerly known as America)... guess there was some controversy over the photos taken of him. Turns out the photographer had an agenda to make McCain look like a communist dictator... Truth is, she actually gained that man a vote. My vote. I'd vote for anybody who looked this awesome...

Though I suppose nobody else thought this kind of imagery portrayed the qualities one looks for in a leader... It's a shame so many haven't read the Communist Manifesto...

Speaking of getting messages across, look! ... I made speakers!

~ Mark

Lil' Creats

I do draw some cute and lovable stuff from time to time...

There's a kid's story I've been wanting to write with my brother for some time now. We've gone through about 100 different concepts for it and we still remain unquenchable in our pursuit of storytelling. Over time, I've come up with various sketches of cute lovable creatures to use... I decided to put them together in this illustration that I have decided to name "Lil' Creats". It's just a made up tale, this isn't anything I'm planning on publishing... not anytime soon at least... and if it ever does get published, it'll say "by mark AND brian marianelli"... Or "brian AND mark marianelli"... he's older and can beat me up.

You know... Lil' Creats could be a rap name. I mean, how many "Lil's" are there rapping out there... Lil' Wayne, Lil' Caesar, Lil' Kim, Lil' John, Lil' Bow Wow... Holy cliché, Batman! I just did a search on wikipedia for "Lil" ... Look at all the rappers that came up!! Ironically, I think they all complain about how the game ain't changin'... They're so ironic.

Needless to say, Lil' Creats are not rappers, though the name does leave room for interpretation... I was thinking "Creatures", but I guess you could take it another way and say they're little cretins... which I'm pretty sure means they have a mental deficiency of some kind. Crap, even in my attempts at cuteness I end up being offensive! I promise, they are not retarded. Er, mentally handicapped... dangit.

Oh screw it, make your own interpretation.

~ Mark

X'ai... ?

I stumbled upon this thing in one my sketchbooks from school... it seems I wanted to name it "X'ai" judging by the word I wrote next to it... which I have excluded from this image... because this is about illustration, not names! Real men don't call people names... cause real men don't remember names... so if a real man calls you by a name, you know it's probably made up and probably not nice.

I used to have a back-story to this guy, believe it or not, he was a good guy... He looks evil... I found about 5 or 6 versions of him in my sketch book, I liked this one the most though. I hope you like it too... Cause if you don't, my life is a failure. Go ahead. Call me a name.

Shame on you,
~ Mark

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walk on...

I found this picture going through some of my stuff from last year...

Nuff said.
~ Mark

Well... It started as an Angelic Interpretation...

It's like I can never run out of material so long as I have my old notebooks!

My doodles had gotten a little weird during my mid-years of college… These three creatures were a result of that oddity. The one in the middle with the big eye and hands for wings came out of a fascination I got for strange angelic interpretations… I made a post about this a few months ago with another drawing that came out of that mindset… I think this one came out more demonic than it did angelic... oh well. Demons are fallen angles anyway, right? Man, I can't lose!

Anyway, my head is weird. Enjoy yet another colorization of my old sketches…

Scribble Scrabble,
~ Mark

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Star Wars: Judgement Day

I'm gonna nerd out on you for a minute...

I always wondered what it would be like if a Jedi landed on Earth at the same time a Terminator was sent back in time to kill John Connor...

Maybe it wouldn't be much of a challenge... but maybe it would? I mean, yeah, Jedi's are used to fighting robots... er... Droids... But if you watch the prequels (which I would strongly recommend you NOT do if you haven't already), those droids are like the three stooges... The Terminators though... oh man, you get a Model T-101 out there that kills, hunts, thinks... I'm sorry, but the Jedi are screwed... Well, they do kind of get screwed by a cyborg regardless... but that was a long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away.

Seriously, somebody make this into a movie. You will literally see a grown man soil his pants and not even take care of it until the movie is over... Not that you'd want to see that.

I'll be back,
~ Mark

Monday, April 5, 2010

Some kind of... Creature... thing... with hands...

I'm always amazed at the stuff that came out of my head during my college courses... As though an art major was ever supposed to use a notebook for its intended purpose of taking notes... I think I may have written the course name and date at the top of the page... I mean, a man's gotta' be organized right?

When it comes to sketching darker creations, I have a habit of placing various limbs where they're not supposed to be... I'm sure if you ran into this thing on the streets you'd be pretty intimidated... But that would have to wear off the minute you realized the thing had no friggin' arms. I guess if it were to head-butt you it could grab your face... but even then, what next? Maybe it turns around and kicks you with its horse legs... though I've never seen horse legs like that... Which works... cause this thing doesn't exist except for the darkest corners of my incredibly bored (and obviously un-schooled) mind.

Well anyway, enjoy this. You've officially been given 4 blogs in one day. Don't come running to me tomorrow when I haven't updated a dag gone thing!

The things I do for you,
~ Mark


I drew this picture during a Summer course a few years ago... Would you believe I got an 'A'?

I can't seem to stop colorizing my old sketches today... I hope you can forgive me... As though I need to apologize for throwing tons of visual content at your faces all day. I don't owe you nuffin'! I haven't thought of a title for this drawing yet... I was thinking "Run From Pink"... but I don't know, he actually looks rather content in those salmon short shorts... Plus, I don't want to offend the pop star... she could hurt me.

Yeah, there's nothing to explain here. Enjoy!

Who wears short shorts?
~ Mark

Like a man Possessed...

Why two posts in one day?

A.) Because I said so!

B.) Because I was busy this weekend and didn't do ANYTHING except enjoy the weather with friends, family and my girl.

This is just a colorization of an old sketch of mine... much like my last post. It came about when I realized that I rock a cube-job so hard it hurts... I'm like a fiend with these 9-5ers. I am like... A Man Possessed! ... Although I drew this sketch about 2 years before I ever had a desk job... I just felt like drawing some guy with a demon coming out of his head to represent actual possession... I only recently took note of the fact I drew your typical cubicle-bound employee... with a demon bursting out of his head. This is the only acceptable explanation I could BS on the spot.

I have to wonder if it's a little wrong to make light of something so dark...

We are,
~ Mark

Fire Breathe!

I would just like to say... this weekend ruled. Good weather, good company, good food. I saw a lot of previews for this "How to train your Dragon" movie that's out right now... I must admit I'm dying to see this film. I love dragons. I especially love movies about dragons... Although "Reign of Fire" doesn't count... that was a piece of dragon dookie... and that's a lot of dookie.

So in honor of the Dragon, I took a sketch I drew a long time ago and colored it. It's a lil' Dragon that I have decided to name "Fire Breathe"! ... Dumb name, but it works... It looks like something he'd yell before spitting a fireball or something. And it's full of that poor translated Japanese goodness... which is always pretty darn classy. Here he is!

You know... until about 2 minutes ago, I always thought Puff the Magic Dragon was purple... I was all worried I copied the infamous weed lizard...

~ Mark

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sonuva part XXV

Given that Easter is this weekend, this will probably be the last Sonuva update until next week... I'll hopefully go ape-nuts with these updates starting on Monday, but we'll see... Busy boy, busy boy...

But, I'll leave you with some morbid goodness to let corrupt your mind over the weekend... I worked on the first stage-finisher of the game... There's going to be another variation of this, which my good friend, "The Edge" (not to be mistaken with the U2 guitarist), had concepted for me... and it's a little more twisted than this one... which is a good thing, I need screwed up thinkers on this game... This ain't yo' daddy's fighter! ... Actually, I'm a lot older now, this might be your daddy's fighter... your daddy may be close to my age... messed up.

As I had alluded to in previous posts about this stage, those hooks ain't for decoration! What I like about these stage finishers is that there isn't a ton of animation required, I don't have to worry about both fighters interacting with each other or anything like that... All I have to do is have the victor perform an uppercut and have the other fighter fly off the screen and land somewhere else on the screen... then die. You'll find I experimented a little with color in this one... I don't know if I'll keep this concept or not... It looks like a rated-R Gatorade commercial... Or something out of Sin City.

Well anyway. I don't think there's a ton to really explain here... Just watch the animation and give me some feedback... specifically praise. I love praise. Especially when it's aimed at me... Sue me, I got picked on in Middle School.

You can watch the link here... Just a warning, it's violent, so don't watch it if that's offensive to you. Aight? We straight? Got it?? Cool. Stay in school, kids.

So that's what I gots! More updates next week on this and hopefully I'll get around to finishing up the animations for Legacy as well.

~ Mark

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