Monday, September 12, 2011

Sonuva! More Defeated Animations

I swear, this game will be finished someday!! Realizing that I have yet again gone on a Son'Uva hiatus, I busted out the Wacom this weekend and did some quick work on my precious. Despite being nothing all that interested, I have completed a handful more defeated animations for three of the fighters: Son'Uva, Nark and Gazael. By "defeated", I'm referring to that glorious Mortal Kombat moment where the announcer yells out, "FINISH HIM!"... Rather than making the fighters look all wobbly like in the MK games, I've just made them look like they just got the crap kicked out them... Which is kind of what happens, right?

Anyway, click the image below for a look-see.

At least something's getting finished...
~ Mark

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