Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chessboard Radio

Through my good friend Kevin, I got in touch with a guy who's starting a website called Chessboard Radio, an online radio that allows independent musicians an opportunity to upload their songs and be on the air. All songs get airtime, but the number of times they're played depends on listeners' approval ratings. I was asked to create a series of banners for specific music genres using anthropomorphized chess pieces as musicians within that style of music. The genres we agreed upon were Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Pop and Electronica. Here's what I designed:

In addition to these banners, I also created individual chess pieces to be used throughout the site. They're modeled after basic music listeners... My personal favorite is the boombox rook.

While the illustration side of things was fun, I also got to dabble in my other love, flash animation. Smiley Face.

Here's a promotional video I created for the website (for some reason, it reminds me of a late night talk show intro):

So there you have it. Chessboard Radio. While the site is still in development, they have a lot of content live, including a tutorial and registration. Be sure to check them out. Follow Chessboard Radio on Twitter and on be sure to like them on Facebook.

Make Your Move!
~ Mark

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  1. Great Idea, and Great Illustrations! :)