Thursday, June 7, 2012

Avengers Continue to Assemble!

I drew a bunch of Avengers last month when, respectively, The Avengers was released. You'll notice I was missing Black Widow from the cast lineup. This wasn't a mistake, I wanted to keep things in 3's and she threw the numbers off. So I held off until I could figure out a way to work her in, well here's how I worked her in... I drew a few other Avengers who weren't in the film but odds are will be in a film in a few years if things keep going the way they go. I made Vision, Wasp & Ant Man. I figure Wasp & Ant Man are small enough to count as one character, so it works.

So here's the full grouping of pictures, enjoy!

I think I'll still make more... There's like, a gazillion avengers.

Keep em' comin!
~ Mark

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