Sunday, August 12, 2012


I can't imagine any child of the 80's who DIDN'T own some kind of Dinosaur toy... And if you were a boy, I can't imagine you never wanted that Dinosaur to be a living, breathing, walking death-machine with guns, lasers, missiles and mind-controlling aliens! Fortunately for us, someone in the toy business honed in on what kids really wanted and created the Dino-Riders. It was one of the many cartoons in the 80's who's sole purpose was to sell toys, and sell them it did. I personally don't care if it was technically the product of greedy businessmen, I would have gladly paid them a small fortune (which to a 5-year old boy is about 20 bucks) to continue providing me gun-mounted T-Rexes until the day I hit puberty! But then I got distracted by the Batman Movie and that was the end of my dinosaur fetish. Nonetheless, Dino-Riders was pretty fantastic, and to show my appreciation for that amazing toy-line, here's a little illustration I did. Out of love.
 Let's Ride! ... Dinosaurs, specifically.
~ Mark

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