Friday, May 7, 2010

Bad Things

So I was digging up some old files on my PC and discovered this precious memory of a Video Editing class I took... This video was on Youtube for a while until the audio was disabled... You wanna know why they disabled the audio? Because it used a guitar solo from a Dream Theater song ("Fatal Tragedy")... And I ain't playin', that's a sick guitar solo. So yeah, 2 minute sample from a 7 minute song is obviously considered some kind of copyright infringement... BS.

There's some old footage mixed in here from High School where Dan and myself beat up a bunch of kids in the snow... And it's just great.

Anyway, feel free to enjoy this disturbing video until Blogger decides to cut the audio out too... Although, their "terms and conditions" page isn't working, so I didn't know better...

Also featured in this video are my good friends The Keith, Jackabeez & his lovely wife Stephanie (nicknameless, sorry Steph).

Bad, bad things,
~ Mark

1 comment:

  1. hahaha that cracks me up so much. i like the bathroom scene but my fav is jack jumping on poor keith hahaha. it looks painful. haha

    - stephanie