Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sonuva part XXVIII

Legacy... I've gotta' finish this stankin' character up sooner or later, I suppose...

It amazes me how much work goes into making a game like this... I guess it goes faster the more you do it, but I'm basically a one-man army at this point... I wish Dan did animation, this game would be done in no time. Oh well...

All that aside, I've made some serious progress (serious by my standards at least) on Legacy. His gameplay is a lot different than the other characters, however, which makes me wonder if I'll have him be playable or not... He doesn't duck, he doesn't really even fall down, he just gets disabled until Round 2 (or 3?). I was most pleased with how his block turned out, he does your standard "guard your face" defense, only he summons the arms of damned souls to provide extra protection... which is really kind of eerie... especially if you're someone who doesn't like to be touched... which I am not. I enjoy a good touchin'...

... You know, that really came out wrong...

In addition to blocking, Legacy now jumps and even walks... walking being an animation I've yet to finish on just about every character except Azriel and Hunter (Nark too, but he's just a re-skinned Hunter)... I find walking to be the most difficult animation to create, you'd be amazed just how much work goes into that... too much thinking. As I said before, Legacy doesn't get knocked out like the other characters, he's too big for that. He basically just gets really worn out when you beat him 1 round. When he gets tired, he flickers with some of his character-defining hell-fire... It looks pretty cool... I think. His animation for getting hit is similar in that he flickers with the hell-fire as well...

Legacy's jumping attack is pretty devastating... He wraps himself in fire and lunges downward at his opponent like a fireball, creating a very large crash... I think this move will be un-blockable, making for a greater challenge, as the player will have to time it perfectly to jump out of his way, they're a very quick warning that he's going to perform this move. It happens so quickly it was too hard to get a decent screenshot of the attack... the screenshot to the left looks more like pixelated cell-division than anything else.

If you'd like to view his animations to date, just follow the link below and be amazed... or disappointed... not really my call... (please love it, pleeeaaase!!!)

Feel free to give me some feedback, it's always welcome.

Love, peace and Fireballs,
~ Mark

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  1. Man, that fireball and block are both pretty devastating.