Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ragavont Animation Test

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I came up with a villain for Turble while screwing around in Flash... I figured I might as well show off the animation work... Although it's buggy and not all that impressive. But whatever...

When the file loads CLICK ON THE ANIMATION (I emphasize this because no matter how many times I've given this instruction with previous interactive flash files, somebody always manages to be annoying and say "It doesn't work, what do I do?"... YOU CLICK THE FREAKING FILE WHEN IT LOADS!!!!... "Oh, it works now, thanks"), then use the arrows to move Ragavont around. Up to jump, down to duck, left to move left, right to move right, and space bar to use his attack. I would have added a background, but my laptop has unfortunately kicked the bucket... Flash file included. C'est la vie.

Click the below image for so much fun (And be patient, I don't have a loading bar, so it won't show up immediately)!

~ Mark

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