Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Sketches...

I was going through some old piles of paper, doodles and sketchbooks and found a few gems that I had all but forgotten about... The first is this pile of frogs. I drew it for someone who liked frogs. Y'know, there's really not a whole lot to say about it, I just drew some dang frogs. I think I found the photo it's based on somewhere on google images...
This next one was something I whipped up for a girl who sang... music... Obviously hasn't gotten anywhere with it otherwise I'd just be linking to her on wikipedia, in the meantime we'll just call her music girl... And this was her logo... That was never officially a logo... Basic Black & White...
Aaaaand up next! This is a guitar which has apparently been completely ignited by the holy spirit. It looks all 90's glow-in-the-dark... ish. There's no logic behind that. I just like making things glow. Next stop, my teeth!

Last but not least... Though technically it is least, because I spent the least amount of time preparing this one for the web. We have a tree that I titled "Branches in the Shadows"... It's pretty much a ghost tree... But in black & white. I think it was a season of negative space for me.
Thus concludes my random sketches.
~ Mark

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  1. I like the guitar! Dang, what a little Holy Spirit can do!!!!