Thursday, May 31, 2012

I drew an AT-AT!

I was working on a comic for Six AM and it required that I draw and AT-AT... Well I did it, and I was so happy that I was able to draw anything like that (I ain't so good at mechanical things) I thought I'd post it here and show off. And when you see the finished comic it's being used for, you're right, it's totally the same drawing! Enjoy!

~ Mark


  1. Holy Cow...and I totally brought this up while talking about Hoth the other day. I love how easily your thoughts are directed. *touches fingers together and smirks with a sly eye.

  2. Thats sick! By the way I'm in the process of book marking your art work on Pinterest. You should notice a nice spike in views on your blog. People love your style man. As soon as I post a link to your blog people re-pin it or like it.

  3. Big Nate - Shoot dude, thanks, that really means a lot. You seriously flatter me way more than I deserve haha. Always appreciated buddy:) Oh, and about a Six AM documentary, let's make it happen!

    DG - You can't direct a dead man!!! *jumps out 2-foot-high window*