Monday, May 14, 2012


Had a chance to do some more design/illustrative work this week. A while back I create a logo/avatar for BigNate84 How To, it was one of the more fun projects I've gotten to work on in a while, and now that Big Nate has a kid, I'll be updating the look in the near future (haven't forgotten, buddy!). Because Big Nate has about 8 gazillion followers on youtube, one of them caught wind of his logo and contacted me about creating one for him as well. That person's name is Mr. M0DDER, a gamer who specializes in XBox Modding.

This is what he received:
Because who doesn't want an XBox controller for a face??

He's been Modded!
~ Mark

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  1. Thanks Mark! I know you wouldn't forget. You and Rach have to come meet Joan soon. Hope you can come by for a visit this summer. I'll contact you on facebook and we'll have to work something out. I'd love to make another documentary on you as an artist or 6AM. I guess I need to come up with a good angle and story board first. Great work as always man! I will be searching for Mr Modder in the near future.