Friday, September 11, 2009

There Can Be Only One...

So if anyone here has followed Six AM Comics, then you may be aware of a comic I run called "Scholars". More specifically, there was one comic I made which dealt with the battle of the discount stores... i.e. Walmart, Target and Kmart... It was titled "Here's to the underdogs...". It was more of a tribute to Kmart and poked fun at how people consider Walmart to be the Axis of evil and Target to be the allies of democracy and all that is good... all the while ignoring the fact that Kmart is typically decimated on a regular basis under both of their tyrannical heels.

... although to be fair, Kmart did things to Ames that are so vile I can't even speak of them on this blog for fear of losing my already fragile salvation... I guess this is nothing more than righteous judgment on that poor company.

This image plays with that concept yet again. I trust you're all familiar with each company's mascots... and Highlander... not Highlander's mascot, just the movie... I'm fairly certain Highlander didn't have a mascot... though it did have 4 crappy sequels... and a tv series that I didn't watch... mainly because they killed Christopher Lambert's character at the end of it... and that's not right... he's Raiden.

You know, I was just thinking... it'd be kind of hard to cut off the Walmart mascot's head... seeing as he is a head... He's not even really a head... he's a face...

I know everything! I am everything!
~ Mark

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