Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is a logo design I did for my buddy Dan Gillepsie. Dan is a musical genius and he's been working on a project called "Tranisit 161". It's an electronic music project named after the transportation system he uses in NYC. Dan emailed me a few weeks ago and asked me to design a logo for him which was based off of a symbol he and his friend Ahmed used to use when they were in school called the "Tralse"... I think the concept is a common one for anybody who sucked at True/False questions, basically it's a "T" with a mark next to it which makes it look like it's an "F"... but it also looks like "T" with a random pencil mark which may or may not have been an accident... very tricky for a teacher and easily argued by a student.

The image on the right is a lovely example of this marvel in student testing. The idea behind using the "Tralse" for the logo came from Dan not wanting his music to be restricted to any one idea or concept, leaving the meaning behind it to the listener rather than the musician. I think there may have been some other reasons in there, but I was already thinking of ideas for the image by the time he started explaining it to me... I have a short attention span...

What I did with the "Tralse" logo was have it be a cluster of ideas. It starts as a tree which changes to a tentacle wrapping itself around a piano key which has other piano keys floating from it, the top piano key forms the shape of half a guitar with mushrooms forming the tuners at the end of it. The roots of the tree engulf and weave throughout an island and by the time you get to the bottom of the floating mass you notice the roots and dirt have formed some kind of a veiny levitating heart. The city behind the tree was created using audio level lights to help tie the image back to music... the city is the skyline of NYC... which goes back to the whole"Transit 161" title.

All in all, it came out pretty cool, it was nice to do something out of left field... which I haven't done in a while. This project was a lot of fun... Thank you Daniel and your 161st Transit.

Next stop,