Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sonuva part III

As mentioned in the last post, I've been hard at work animating various characters for ma'dear old flash game... Going with a simpler art style has proven itself to be a lot more productive than previous attempt, with it only taking about 2 days tops to fully animate a fighter...

The latest fighter in the line-up shares the game title's name, "Sonuva"... She's going to be the game's final boss. She'll be playable, but I'm thinking that'll only be the case if you beat her... why not have a goal to aim for, right? I still have a few animations to work on for her, but for the most part she's finished. I may still go back once she's animated and touch up her outfit a little, I'm not 100% pleased with it yet... I think it looked better in the concept art, but I'm generally pretty lazy when it comes to stuff like that, so we'll see what happens...

The second character I worked on is "Nark"... who is my comic book counterpart in "Abundant Life"... I'm planning on making him for of a hidden character to save time... How is that saving time? Well, if you look back on the original Mortal Kombat games, the hidden characters (such as Reptile, Smoke, Noob Siabot and Jade) were just color palette swaps of preexisting character sprites... I've done a similar thing with Nark in that I simply gave "Hunter" an outfit swap. I wasn't totally lazy, however... I had to modify the finisher... if you watched the previous demo for Hunter, you'd remember that his swords lit his opponent on fire... this wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for Nark, seeing has his swords have been replaced with giant pencils. So I provided a new "ending" to his finishing move...

You can view the animations for the new characters with the following link... Just a friendly reminder, however, this game is violent, so if that sort of thing isn't for you, steer clear of these demo animations.


I'm hoping to have all of Sonuva's animations finished sometime tomorrow with the possibility of starting another character... (only four more to go!)

Aaaaaand begin,
~ Mark

... I almost forgot, if you'd like to see Nark's full set of moves (which, again, is just Hunter with a new look), you can check it out here... you also get a full view of his finisher here for all you sickos out there... winky face:


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