Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sonuva Background - The Cathedral

Been working on a new stage background for Son'Uva. This is where the showdown with Legacy will take place... As I've said in the past, Son'Uva is kind of my love letter to the original Mortal Kombat... This stage takes from the concept of "The Shrine", one of the stages from MK. It featured statues in the background of each of the MK Fighters... I always thought that was pretty awesome.

This new stage is called "The Cathedral"... For now at least. It's basically one giant alter made up of imagery of each fighter... e.g. Pipe Organ with engravings of Gazael and Maith, stained glass windows depicting Azriel and Archfiend, Hunter/Nark chandeliers (held up by Legacy's arms), etc...

Son'Uva herself is sitting upon the organ overseeing the fight (another little homage to the original MK).

There will be two versions of this stage, the other version will be for the final fight of the game w/ Son'Uva.

So yeah... Stage number... I wanna say 5?

Go to church!
~ Mark

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