Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sonuva Updated Fighters

For all the work I've done on this game, it seems I'm always forgetting to complete each character's moves list... I focus too much on the finishers I think:/ I took some time today and did some updates. Included in the updates are a throw for Gazael, a jumping attack and special attack for Jack (yeah, yeah, it rhymes) and a throw and jumping attack for Legacy. In addition I redid some of Nark's moves so that he's not an exact duplicate of Hunter... Not sure if I'll change all of them, but it was fun reinventing some of his animations...

Click here to view the latest animations.

I've been trying to upload screenshots of the images for about 15 minutes now... Blogger needs to go back to the original way of uploading images... Ugh.

You don't need pictures anyway... You have an animation.
~ Mark

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