Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Eggs!

So yesterday was Easter, as you all know, and with Easter comes Easter Eggs! I'm 28 years old, but painting eggs on Easter will never become childish to me... Especially when you can do this:

In case you're wondering, that egg cracked and I had to improvise. This next one didn't come out that great, but I still love it. It was my sad attempt at a Joker egg... Not sure why I made the skin green, but to anyone that has a problem with that, I'll just say... "Why so serious?":

My friend said this looked more like Salad Fingers than the Joker, but I was EGGstatic about it either way (Badoom Psh!).

I should have done more, but I got distracted with all the candy and good food my wife cooked, so I only made two.

Happy Belated Easter!
~ Mark

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