Monday, August 17, 2009

Playing Cards

I was going through some files on an older computer of mine from college and came across a project I had all but forgotten about. I don't remember why it was I had made these, but I think it had something to do with one of my finals. These were my take on playing cards... a topic with which I am completely inexperienced, but I like to pretend I know something about from time to time... I'm a "Go Fish" master... almost as much as I am a "War" veteran. Yeah, I like games which require little to no talent... it's where I shine.

In any case, these really stuck out to me because of how deranged some of them were... not Todd McFarlane deranged, just a little twisted... Tim Burton twisted... i.e. PG-13 twisted. But creative nonetheless. It's your basic, make numbers and letters out of creatures and figures, a few of them could have come out a little better, but then, this had to have been almost 4 years ago now... I'm clearly more awesome then this shell of my former skills now... you can stop laughing now. You're a terrible bluffer.

I may do more with these down the road, it was inspiring to find these...

I fold,
~ Mark

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