Monday, August 24, 2009

Reaper Remake

In a previous post I mentioned briefly that I would be redoing my graphic novel, "The Reaper"... I've begun story-boarding the new take on it in the hopes that I can finally create it in the fashion of my original vision... which I know, George Lucas used the term "original vision" A LOT while he was destroying his once loved franchise and smearing it in the face of his once loyal public... I, on the other hand, actually had a very good idea originally... what was ultimately created was a shadow of this. But in any case, I've done a good chunk of work on this to date, but I'll just show off a few things I was playing around with... which may or may not be used in the end...

First of all, new Canaanite Logo... the original logo resembled the Crescent Moon of Islam just a little too much, I'm not about to associate myself with that sort of mockery, this novel was never supposed to have any religious propaganda, but it came off a little anti-Muslim as I was rushing to throw some Canaan imagery together... if anything, it was supposed to be more reminiscent of Soviet Communism... So I'm rectifying that mistake... The image is the profile shot of a Ram's head. It's the most common imagery associated with the Canaanites of the bible that I could find, and generally, there's something sinister about the imagery of a ram's head... they do look a little evil... Ram's and Goats... But at the end of the day, the most sadistic animal, in my opinion, is the Squirrel... I'm serious, don't trust them.

Given this new logo, I decided since the "reaper" in the comic is basically smearing out Canaanite Leaders, the book's logo should represent that a little more... So I used a few ideas from the original look of the titles in the book and mixed it with the concept of wiping out Canaanite heads... This also captures the look and feel of the novel, which was best represented in some of the earlier pages of the the last attempt... and I know you ALL read it... just download the pdf from the last post already!

There's a new character I'm adding to the story named Samson, if you've read any of my other posts or browsed around the sketches in my portfolio, you've probably come across this figure. I originally drew him for a friend's band, but that idea ended up falling through, so I started to doodle him a lot more in the hopes I could use him for something. I know, the name Samson isn't all that original, but the graphic novel is a loose interpretation of the biblical Book of Judges... Samson was a judge, hence, he's going to have a counterpart in the story... I don't think I need to worry about a lawsuit from him, right?

All the character's names come from Judges... including the character "Barak"... no. No, no, and NO. He is in no way a representation of Obama. I created his character in 2006(I'm from NH, I didn't even know who the man was until last year), and the Book of Judges named him WAY before the President's time. So I ask that nobody even allow the thought to enter their head that Barak is in any way, shape or form related to the President. Please. Pretty Please. The fact that he is African American is a coincidence. So don't. Aight? Good.

I've created a little promotional image for the novel... more like a rough sketch with color.

So yeah, just a little update on what I've been working on. I hope to start making some serious progress on this, it's something I've really wanted to do for a long time.

I said don't!
~ Mark

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