Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Angelic Interpretation

So it's clearly been a while since I've updated this blog... I'm over it.

In any case, I've got a couple of pictures which are ready for posting... unfortunately I can't post them until after the holidays, they're gifts for my brother, and I'd rather not have him visit my site and see his gift early... that would be most disappointing... I hope no potential jobs are lying in the balance, waiting to be dazzled by new blog content only to be let down by my unrelenting desire to maintain the element of surprise on Christmas day, hence erasing me from the pending list of employment... and for what... Christmas Joy?!


But anyway, I was rummaging through some old art work of mine and came across a pretty interesting piece I made for a class in college... yes, I occasionally made an effort in school... though rarely was this the case. Technically, this was a sketch for a far more impressive final product... unfortunately, I've been unable to locate the finished work... which isn't a big deal, I never ended up using this sketch because it didn't quite follow the same visual style as the other pieces. But it's pretty awesome on its own, I think... it brings me back to a far more creative time.

In its nature and style, this is one of the more darker pieces which I've worked on in the past. I don't remember exactly what the criteria for this project was, but the theme I chose was "Angels"... Clearly this is not a traditional angelic interpretation. I chose to go along the thought process that angels are nothing like we imagine them to be... i.e. white men in robes with big fluffy wings and glowing halos of light around their heads. I'm sure someone in biblical times may have been visited by the aforementioned angelic embodiment, but I imagine that in their true form, the one which cannot be seen with mortal eyes, is something far more abstract and intimidating.

If you look closely at the drawing, you'll probably notice there's an abundance of eyes formed within the patterns and shapes (you have to look for them). My idea was that angels are an observant presence, always watching from within the spiritual realm, beyond our own natural vision. A city is vaguely defined in the background of the drawing, implying that this angelic being is watching over the cityscape, protecting it with an almost frightful unseen presence... which is the only way I can remotely begin to explain what I believe the power of God must resemble...

Though I'd like to find the other finished drawings, I think this one was probably the most interesting of the bunch, it's a shame it didn't make the cut. I should go back and finish it sometime...

~ Mark

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