Sunday, December 27, 2009

Clowns You Can Count On...

Alas, another Christmas has passed... which means another wonderful piece of art has been created! Every year at Christmas, my brother asks me to make him some kind of fictional illustration... This year I went a different direction than the usual "Forest with Fantastical Creatures" theme... I went with clowns! So... what? Clowns? Yeah, there's really no logic behind these drawings. I was stuck sitting through an unemployment orientation seminar and doodled a clown with super powers. I just figured clowns are always portrayed as either retarded entertainers wo scare children, or ruthless serial killers... who scare children... So I made them warriors defending their home planet from... space... demons... These are clowns you can count on to save the day... not make babies cry... or grown men for that matter...

Originally, these were meant to be one large image... but when I tried placing all the clowns on one page and adding a background, the colors contrasted so much that I fell victim to an epileptic seizure and woke up 3 hours later cuddling a balloon animal in the shower with my underwear on my head... Once I recovered (and properly reconfigured the location of my underpants), I created three different 11x17 images with very simple backgrounds to prevent my brother from suffering the same fate as myself... though that would have been amusing...

The background on the image to the left is a forest of Tootsie Pops... unfortunately they clashed too much with the clowns in the foreground, so I "shadowed" them out and left the interpretation to the viewer... though I guess I just ruined that interpretation by saying what they are... I had hoped to create the imagery of a "Clown Planet", but like I mentioned earlier, the colors were just too dang conflicting with the characters that I bailed on that concept... I aim to tackle this concept when I have more time... but Christmas creates tight schedules... schedules which interfere with good art... hence, no clown planet... just a planet.

That's all I got, though... these aren't really the kind of pictures you elaborate on. Clowns. Fighting Space Devils. Lollipop Trees. Seizures.

Circus music... followed by swift death,
~ McM

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