Monday, December 28, 2009


As is with the clowns, this image was created as another gift for my brother... Whereas the clown drawings followed (though very mildly) some form of a plot, this was more or less a showcase of characters with no other purpose than to be awesome... and I'll allow myself to be a little conceited for a moment... it's a pretty cool drawing.

Though I guess that's not entirely the truth (the part about the plot, not the awesome). The characters in this drawing came from an idea I was kicking around in my head for a Graphic Novel about a year ago called "Brethren"... what was Brethren about? Yeah, I'm not telling... but that has less to do with discretion and more to do with a lack of polished plot... it'd probably just confuse you. But that's not because I think you're ignorant, it's because it makes no sense yet... because, in fact, I'm ignorant. I suppose this means my moment of conceitedness is over. I shall now return to my usual state of self-loathing and sorrow... which for most artists, inspires great work... for me it inspires a mass consumption of Martial Arts DVDs and Pizza. So if the art world doesn't benefit from my work, at least Best Buy and Domino's Pizza will... Just doin' my part.

If you've ever been to my portfolio site (and by some miracle remembered any of the stuff you saw there), then you'll probably find a lot of these characters to be a little familiar. Like I did with my DNA Tree drawings, I used a lot of sketches I had floating around that never really came to fruition... hence, they were in the "Sketches" section of my portfolio and not the "Illustrations" section... I look forward to these Christmas Gifts because it's almost like performing some house cleaning in my head. I go through a bunch of unused creations and give them purpose... and by purpose I mean "a place on an empty canvas"...

I do what I can,
~ Mark

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