Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Brothers' Collaboration Part II

I have another brother. He is the oldest. My other brother, whom I make drawings for every Christmas, collaborated with me on an art piece for our big bro. The topic of this drawing revolves around a poorly drawn bunny of doom which our big brother used to draw... the bunny would reek havoc and eat stick people in a most grotesque manner... which I may or may not have explained in last year's Christmas drawing "Doom Bunny VS Giant Schnauzer". My brother provided the Doom Bunny, and I created all of our Family members (wives and girlfriends included) by placing our heads on cartoon bodies... Jib Jab basically does the same thing... but ours looks better, so forget Jib Jab. Boo yah.

In case you are unaware of what I look like, you'll find my face on one of the super heroes... Maybe you can figure out which I am...

I'm thinking of making t-shirts out of each individual character in the drawing and giving them to my family... maybe we can walk around the mall with them sometime and look like big dorks... not that I really need a shirt for that... but I'd be happy to think so...

There was some difficulty creating this drawing... the photos were particularly challenging... not the act of integrating them into the image, but the act of getting the stinkin' photos. The brother who this was made for is not a fan of having his picture taken... and by "not a fan", I mean "HATES IT". So finding a picture of his face without a hand in front of it proved to be difficult. After hours of going through photos, I found the perfect picture... but his forehead was cut off. This required improvisation... If you'll notice, "wolverine" (aka "Eldest Brother") has a blood stain on his forehead... this wasn't to exaggerate the action... this was because his forehead is actually MY forehead. I had to blend my own head with his in order to complete this drawing. It wasn't terribly difficult, but it did create some issues when creating his hair line... I didn't get that part down completely and he ended up with the most epic widow peaks I'd ever seen... so I covered them with blood stains, so it would look like his hair got torn off in glorious bunny battle... So I've now unawaringly narrowed it down to two superheroes that I could be... good luck with that.

This is the second collaborative drawing that I've done with my brother which I've documented. The first being this one... I'm happy with how it turned out.

Brothers Unite!
~ Mark