Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sonuva part V

I had a chance last night to get some of the base work done for Azriel... I think he may end up being my favorite by the time I'm finished animating him. Basically, he's meant to have that "Grim Reaper" appearance. In his description on the original Sonuva post, I mentioned him being more of a vessel for an Angel of Death, so during his "stance" animation, you'll notice that every 3 seconds or so glowing wings appear behind him like a fuzzy television station. I think it's a pretty cool effect... but I suppose you're entitled to your own opinion... which I ignore.

You can view his animations thus far here:

Hey, and guess what?? Kids can watch this one too! Seeing as all he does is stand there for a while, throw a quick punch and teleport across the screen. I think that's kid-friendly, right? Just don't tell the kid it's the grim reaper... come to steal all his toys and swallow his soul. I think that's what reapers do...

I'll swallow your soul!
~ Mark

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