Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Time's a changin'...

So this is awkward... No, not really.

In case anybody is interested, I will no longer be updating this blog. Not because I'm tired or burnt out, but because I've officially made Six AM Comics my personal website... Complete with blog. So there's really no need to keep two blogs updated with content.

"But I thought Six AM Comics was a collaboration between you and others?"

It still kind of is. Basically the three of us have our own separate lives with our own career paths and attempting to keep a site updated when we live in three very different areas was a little too ambitious on our part. So what has happened is that Six AM is now my own website and there are sections for them to function as contributors. We still do Scholars, we still do Dawn of Six AM, Dan still has a blog and a comic on the site. It's just structured a little differently now so that it's more of a means of a networking with other artists.

This blog has been awesome and I still love Blogger more than Wordpress and Tumblr (I'm a loyalist), but what can I say, times change. And I won't be deleting this blog, I just won't be updating it anymore.

To continue keeping up with me, proceed over to

Who still loves ya? Marky does!
~ Mark

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Turble - The Animated GIFs

I got a little bored this weekend and played around with some old "Turble" work from back in the day (another project I am yet to complete). Then I got even more bored and though, "I should make it pixelated!"... Having never really worked with Pixel art, I'm probably pretty amateur at this...

And just to add to amateur hour, I thought I'd make some animated GIF's out of the pixelated characters... So here's some animated GIFs!

~ Mark

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Many Faces of Sylvester Stallone

A while back I illustrated Arnold Schwarzenegger as a number of his movie roles throughout the years. I enjoyed making that so much that I thought it was only fair that I give the same treatment to another 80's (and obviously 70s, 90s and 2000's) action icon... The one and only, Sylvester Stallone! That's right, Rambo himself!

As I explained in a more recent post, I used a similar template to that of Arnie and went at it. This one however was a little trickier, because Stallone got his start earlier in the 70's, his filmography was a lot larger than that of Arnold's, which means I had a lot more Sylvesters to work with within a limited space. So sadly, there were a few which got omitted due to cameo status and being relatively boring. I'll provide them at the end of the post.

So without further ado, The Many Faces of Sylvester Stallone! Click the image to enlarge it or click here, you're gonna want to.
And now for the honorable mentions:
And there you have it!
~ Mark

Monday, August 13, 2012

Villains IX

Onward to the more artificial villains in the Marvel universe, the Sentinels.

Master Mold, Nimrod and a regular Sentinel:
Hault, mutants!
~ Mark

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I can't imagine any child of the 80's who DIDN'T own some kind of Dinosaur toy... And if you were a boy, I can't imagine you never wanted that Dinosaur to be a living, breathing, walking death-machine with guns, lasers, missiles and mind-controlling aliens! Fortunately for us, someone in the toy business honed in on what kids really wanted and created the Dino-Riders. It was one of the many cartoons in the 80's who's sole purpose was to sell toys, and sell them it did. I personally don't care if it was technically the product of greedy businessmen, I would have gladly paid them a small fortune (which to a 5-year old boy is about 20 bucks) to continue providing me gun-mounted T-Rexes until the day I hit puberty! But then I got distracted by the Batman Movie and that was the end of my dinosaur fetish. Nonetheless, Dino-Riders was pretty fantastic, and to show my appreciation for that amazing toy-line, here's a little illustration I did. Out of love.
 Let's Ride! ... Dinosaurs, specifically.
~ Mark

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Who ya' gonna' call?

These guys!

Something's strange,
~ Mark

Monday, August 6, 2012


I was reminiscing about my childhood and thought about some of my favorite things... Being a child of the 80s and 90s, my memories tend to revolve around cartoons, and my favorite of these was THE SILVERHAWKS!! So here's a little tribute to one of the awesomest after-school cartoons to ever exist:

Wings of Silver, Nerves of Steel!
~ Mark