Thursday, July 16, 2009

Doom Bunny VS Giant Schnauzer

It seems as though a lot of my drawings come at the request of my brother. This was his Christmas present for 2008.

The idea behind this drawing has roots in mostly inside jokes, the main one being the focus of the drawing, "Doom Bunny VS Giant Schnauzer"... The Doom Bunny comes from the drawings of my oldest brother, Matthew. Not being the most artistically gifted individual, his few attempts at art work became legendary in our family.

The Doom Bunny was his greatest creation. Basically a crudely drawn bunny with bloody fangs who would eat stick people and knock over buildings. The Giant Schnauzer was merely an attempt to deify our family pet, a Miniature Schnauzer named Leo, who died in 2000. Originally I planned to make these two epic characters the focus of the drawing, but instead decided to make it a subtle battle occurring in the background of the drawing with the focus being the little forest dwellers... which look like the unfortunate offspring of a Blue Meanie and Sugar Man. I had planned on making them stick figures, but decided they'd look a little bit too out of place in the drawing, so these little blue Oompa-Loompas are symbolic of the unfortunate stick figures of the Great Stick Holocaust of 94.

The strange flying creatures were added to help emphasize the battle being in the background. It's implied that the battle is inevitably going to move to the forest, hence all the fleeing wildlife. As for the sinister looking rodents in the foreground... I figured I'd just leave their purpose to the imagination... Makes you wonder though, doesn't it?

~ Mark

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