Friday, July 17, 2009

Abundant Life

One of the first web comics I had ever perused was about my college friends and I fighting demons with superpowers in a collegiate superhero group known as "Abundant Life". It was actually the first piece of art to be displayed under the name "six am comics"... at the time it was posted by my good friend Brandon (the big blue guy in the picture) on an old html page and was hosted by mutual friend Ben... so the site went down every time he turned his computer off... ah, the good ol' days.

Though the comic is no longer viewable online, I have been working on remaking it... though there's still a good chunk of work left to do on the project. These two pictures (above) were drawn at the request of my brother in 2005. Meant to be printed and framed and hung next to each other on any given shrine one might have in my name... not that I encourage my own worship... but mere homage to my work is harmless...

A few years later my brother asked me for some drawings of his favorite character in the comic, Carlos the Cockroach, which was a giant cockroach from Puerto Rico who functioned as both the pet and the transportation for the group. I had killed the character off at one point and my brother demanded I bring him back somehow, this is what ensued:

Below are a few images from the remake of the comic I'm working on, it'll be a while till' it's finished, but why not tease... cause I just know how badly you want to see them... sarcasm?

So yeah, there you have it. Abundant Life. There's actually a song out there somewhere, which I can't seem to find, but it was written by my good friend Nathan Schneider a few years back. It was a rap/techno/awesome song. Classic.

Anyway, I'd post the original drawings of this group... but I really don't want to embarrass myself, they're pretty awful now.

~ Mark

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