Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sonuva Update LXV

After many months of animation, I figured it's time to work on something a little different for Son'Uva. I've been debating the best possible menu system for a game like this... I still don't really have an answer, but I think I'm on the right track... This obviously isn't anything final or even properly coded, but it makes for a nice demonstration of the menu system I'd like to use for the game. It's incredibly similar to my original sketch of the game.

Not every link works obviously, only two links are functional: "Play" and "Enter Code"... I know, it's a little early in production to be messing around with cheat codes and passwords, but I wanted to play with some AS functionality because honestly, I'm incredibly rusty... And this is still pretty amateur level stuff I'm doing. One man's trash, I suppose...

In any case, here's a run through of what you can do:

1. You'll notice all players in their stance positions at the bottom. One of them on the far left is grayed out. If you've been following these posts, then you'll be able to deduct that it is Maith.

2. By clicking "PLAY", you'll notice a slight menu change, the logo grows smaller, and the words "Select a Fighter" appear beneath it. You may now hover over each fighter at the bottom to see their name as well as some production art to better show you who you're about to select. As I mentioned before, Maith on the far left is disabled. He hasn't been unlocked yet.

3. So how do we unlock Maith? I have some ideas for how he's unlocked in gameplay, but obviously this game hasn't gone into production yet. So if you click the Son'Uva logo at the top, it'll bring you back to the main menu. From here, select "ENTER CODE"... Now that you're on the crudely designed code screen, you can type in a 5-Letter cheat code... Can you guess what it is? Yeah, I'm feeling original, it's "MAITH", make sure it's in ALL CAPS. Then select "Enter" underneath. Now that you're back on the main menu, you'll notice somebody is available now:)

4. For kicks, if you want to enter the code again, it'll disable Maith. This was intentional because I'm bored.

Okay, have at it! Click the image as usual and give it a few to load this tremendously large file.

* UPDATE - Same principles now apply for words such as "SONUV" & "NARK".

~ Mark

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