Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tangled Up

I gave a slight preview of this image in a post I wrote about my wife (fiance at the time)... I didn't post the entire illustration cause we were going to have it out on display at our wedding and didn't want it to be something everyone had seen already... So anyway, I'm guessing there's a good chunk of people out there who haven't had a chance to see this, so here ya go!

The drawing was taken from a scene in the Disney movie "Tangled", where the two main characters share a tender moment in a boat with lights filling up the night sky... My mom says Rach and I look like the characters in that movie, so I went ahead and drew us in the scene using our wedding colors.

Untangle that!
~ Mark

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  1. You really are reMARKable!!! Your talent amazes me... I'd love you to draw me a character someday... I've always had my identity in games and whatnot 'Moxieman'... I'd love to see what that might look like in your mind!!! I enjoy your blog, btw...