Monday, May 30, 2011

Son'Uva Ragdolls

Every good game should have a "Practice Mode"... At least I think so. How else you gon' get soooo good?? Rather than just creating your typical mode where you spar with another fighter, I thought it'd be fun to go another direction and create dummy ragdoll versions of each fighter that you can smack around and practice on... Plus if there's one fighter you just can't beat, it's fun to go death-match voodoo style on em', right?? Yeah, you know.

So anyway, I created a basic ragdoll template (seen to your left) to work with and took it from there. They're meant to be a little goofy.

So as always, clicks away at the image below and see a lil' Flash goodness! Oh, and you best appreciate this, I drove my wife crazy working on this all weekend...

Little Big Planet, eat your heart out,
~ Mark

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