Thursday, July 16, 2009


Nawset is the metal band of a friend of mine (are you starting to notice I have a lot of friends in bands?). I had liked their stuff and offered to do some work for them on their album art a while back... Unfortunately I fell off the face of the earth while working for Fidelity and never got around to doing it. Once things at work had winded down some, I met with them again only to find someone had already done some album art for them... foul treachery. So I offered to do their website for them instead, which they agreed to.

I used the album art to design an interactive interface for the site. The album depicted a skull with a spinning wheel and visible gears through the opening of the head. I took this and developed a navigational system where you had to spin the wheel to get to each section of the page. Every 45 degrees or so the wheel would stop spinning and bring you to the next section. The wheel was spinnable by dragging and dropping it, giving it momentum to spin to each section. You could also drag it to the next section without actually letting go if you desired.

This particular site is no longer live, as their webpage will link you to their myspace page while revisions are done on the site. However, the site I worked on is live through Either click the image above or just click here to see it.

When I had asked to do the album art, this was what I had created before having to drop off the face of the earth for my job. I call him the Nawset Man, an idea the group had at one point for their mascot... basically a mysterious figure carrying a bloody bag behind him... I'm almost relieved this wasn't used, as I became so fond of this character that I intend on using him for something else down the road...

Sanity was left at home,
~ Mark

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