Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Brothers' Collaboration

My brother, Brian, is a very talented cartoonist and one of the main reasons I got into art in the first place. So the natural progression from student to peer is to collaborate with your old master... which is contrary to popular belief that you're supposed to kill your old master a la Star Wars... but I suppose the day is still young... brother.

My brother is starting up a site called Illumination-Creations, which he will be selling creations he makes from clay, as well as various illustrations, etc... So he recently developed a blue and orange feathered monster who lives in a tree with his best friend, a little brightly colored bird. So, the way we work is that he'll normally draw something, outline it, then pass it off to me to color and add whatever else I want to it. In this case he drew the monster, the bird, the tree they're in, and a couple of rocks to the left. I handled the scenery, the surrounding monsters and the coloring of the drawing.

Our styles have always blended pretty well together, mainly because mine evolved from his. So we like to mix the styles up from time to time and create some pretty impressive artwork which he sells at various craft shows down in Texas.

If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than y- oh, never mind,
~ Mark

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