Friday, July 8, 2011

Cryptic Love Part II

You know, for all the friends on facebook, I have a very limited amount of "old cryptic conversations"... So if you have any, you should send them to me: and I'll post them in the next Cryptic Love post... Mmmm... In any case, here's part 2!


- Underwear leopard print which I may or may not have, or the rug that I generally pose as a sailor on?

- you need another hit of lance.  Maybe you don't have water polo skills, but you've got water polo skilz?

- Eff that cat. It doesn't let me pee.

- i always knew there was something good under your shirt

- No ma'am, that was ALL me! ... with some help from the internet:-/

- Top on chocolate phones? Don't worry, I keeps it on the low bout y'all devil's dandruff while you double up on dat 2 for 1 sale for all my Tecatos, yeah, you know I be in with the toss ups on my interplanetary mission fo' dat makeup, quit ya' wiggin' whiles I Jack that Jelly for a Jab and keeps my Jag, yo. Keep it real Jolly Pop.

- michael w. smith has AIDS? what!?

- I will devour any giant you love.

- ... did... did you give me a gingerbread voodoo doll? ... for Easter?

- I like to call them "Practice Runs"...

- Don't worry, I'll make sure it's a NICE shady mexican...

- ... rocks... and your imagination... so pretty much anything you want...

- hm... i could go for a meatball i think...

- Frickin' heck yes Igloos with Burritos! Burrito Igloos!

- Their chub amuses me.

- psh, goober... you'd catch a cold.

- Aww, poor little Snow Asians…

- Nose-ferrah-taoew! Woohooah!

- You get your filthy hands off of that!!!!

- Well... you obviously don't smell your own farts enough...

- I wanna squeeze you from the inside

- HAHa Jacks naked!

- It's not gay if you pretend you're a woman... right?

- Nah, I just need to eat more apples and turn my cell phone off...

- Why was that wizard puppet naked?!

- AH! Uno plagues! Would you like flies with that??

- Psh, beats genital herpes.

- THAT position... clever boy.

- ahh ha... I get it. Like gay sex.

- mmm do-do bird blood......I'm thirsty!

- And how you gonna' kill Foxy Brown and stick her head on a pole like that?! That's Foxy Brown!! She'd've gone ape sh* on the whole planet!

- Is Nicki talking about poop?

- WtF? She sounds like Daphy Duck!

- ... or was it AIDS... crap, I think it was AIDS...

- mmm... come here boy. Daddy's got some chores for you...

- False alarm! was just gas

- I don't care if you had your tubes tied! Life found a way!!


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