Monday, February 1, 2010

Sonuva part VII

I was planning on working on one of the already designed characters, Nephilim or Jack, but decided to create a new character altogether... Honestly, I'm not terribly enthused to work on said fighters at the moment... I'm sure I will be, but Azriel was so interesting and unique that I just had to try somebody new.

So I pulled another character from the "Reaper" line-up... a Canaanite... now named Canaan. Original name, I know... but the names are really the least of my concerns at the moment, I'll work out those kinks at a later time... like when I'm done MAKING the game. Because I've been spending a majority of my time planning out his concept and moves, I've only finished a handful of animations for him. A few attacks and a stance, really. I'm pleased with how he's coming out though.

Although the original idea behind Canaanites (my Canaanites, not the biblical ones... although that's where the concept was conceived from... details, shmetails...) was that they carried AK-47s... this one uses a glowing chain. His throw is probably one of the more drawn out ones I'm planning on animating... and it too is a homage to Mortal Kombat. Only instead of disabling the opponent, it just leads into a big ol' punch in the face...

You can view his animations below... I suppose I should make another warning about violence... there is some... nothing gruesome though, just some blood bursts when Azriel gets punched and chained... I'd say PG-13... Viewer discretion is advised.

Anyway, it's a working progress, I should have some more work finished on him tomorrow... It's presently 5 in the morning and I'm definitely burning the candle at both ends... sleeeeep...

~ Mark

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  1. you didn't mention me again, minus 20 points for you.

  2. you didn't mention me either - sweet animations, though :)