Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sonuva part IX

So I don't have anything new in the way of animation today, but I do have a character design... if that's enough to keep your interest, then awesome!

About a week ago, I asked my good friend, Keith, to come up with some character concepts for Sonuva... Dude is a twisted genius. He's come up with 5 characters thus far using collages and all are awesome. One character in particular he named "Sadis Jyn"... The following is his description as well as the image he created...

"Sadis-jyn: White suit, tie, and gloves black shirt, and shoes. He's wearing a Kendo sparring mask which I wanted to be all white but it wasn't easy to do that so I left it black. You decide. I was fascinated with the feudal assassination technique where killers stuck long spools up peoples nose and into their brain to kill people and it wouldn't leave any visible wound. Thats his attack. Very fast, many strikes into multiple orifices and the victim falls down dead or something. But he's slick so whatever weapons you wanna give him, scalpels, hooks, giant spools whatever. He's tidy too. He's uses anti-bacterial wipes after each kill to fight the spread of germs beacuse nobody wants to be sick."

I am so happy I asked him to do this... So this is the character I decided to start animating right away (still planning on using the others too)... He doesn't look quite like the above image... but that's because I have to translate a collage into an illustration... a slightly less realistic illustration at that.

If you glance your pretty lil' eyes to the right of this paragraph, you can see what I came up with. In the above paragraph, Keith mentioned I could give this guy whatever weapon I wanted... I'm going to stick with the long spools. I think some interesting fighting moves can come from this... the tricky part will be making his finisher worthwhile... Not that I'm a sicko or anything, but if you've been keeping up with any of the previous animations, it's safe to say there's a certain... standard... to what they entail... i.e. there's typically some "visible wounds"... but I may have to get a little creative on this one... No Liu Kang cop-outs like Mortal Kombat 1... I have some cool ideas for this guy though, so I'm not worried...

Anyway, I should have some more stuff tomorrow night. All this animation work is tiring! Thanks again, The Keith!

500,000 points,
~ Mark

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  1. Thats awesome man. I love it! You gotta gift my friend. You can give him whatever attacks you want. Especially after seeing the Azriel attacks, I know you'll come up with bamf'ing moves.