Monday, February 8, 2010

Sonuva part XII

After a weekend off from any animation work, I hit the drawing boards again today and revisited the finisher for Sadis-Jyn that I gave up on last week. With a little more motivation it came out quite nicely... Which brings me to a dilemma. Keith (the original designer for the character) came up with a pretty sweet finisher for the guy. So I'm trying to determine which one will work best for him... I've animated both finishers. Worse comes to worst I just give him two finishers... but then I'd feel obligated to make 2 for the others... eh...

You can view the two finishers here and give me your opinion... assuming you're into this game at all. The first goes more in line with the idea of Sadis-Jyn being a very clean killer, leaving no visible wounds and attacking the brain through the nose with some kind of spike... the second is more brutal in nature... it'd be better to just watch it rather than have me explain it...

Violent content, don't watch if you don't like that, blah blah...

There you have em'... Tomorrow I'm hoping to get started on a new character... I won't be working quite as "round-the-clock" as I have been, the last few weeks of doing this have left me a little sleep depraved.

Up your nose with a rubber... spike.
~ Mark

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  1. He's not that clean. He gots blood on his sleeve.

  2. Nice dude. I too enjoy number 1......Wait....that came out wrong........not like urine number 1. I would never post something like that. That would be unrelated. Although Jack should have a urine finisher. Ah memories. Urination aside, I liked both. I especially like number 2 because its bloody.......not that I have bloody number 2's. I got that fixed. I stopped talking about the finisher's a while ago, my bad...