Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sonuva part XIII

I began work on the character "Jack" today (yeah, I'm seriously going to have to work on some of these names), I've been holding off on doing this fighter's animations mainly because I started to find him a little boring in nature... sort of a Liu Kang to the series. His soul purpose is to incorporate an everyman to the series (as though somebody really needs to relate to this game). The more I work on him, the more he's growing on me... not to mention he's incredibly easy to animate! ... which I am all about.

You can view his animations thus far by clicking the following link... are these blog posts beginning to get repetitive?

The next steps for Jack are a couple of air attacks, two special moves and a finisher... and blocks... crap, I guess I have a lot to do still... To spare this blog redundancy with the others, I've provided some of the concept art I sketched out last year for hunter's moves... I'm not displaying his finisher because it was toned down tremendously because a few certain unnamed individuals didn't want this game to be violent at all. Hence, the finishers were kind of a useless concept, yet remained nonetheless.

These sketches were drawn in the style that I had originally intended the game to be illustrated in... since beginning the animation work, I'm really happy I didn't go with this style... not unique enough... but I've been wrong before...

While I was working on his animations, I glanced over at what I had been naming his individual movie clips in Flash... I chuckled...

Don't act like that doesn't give you a whole new perspective on his character... I should just name him that...

~ Mark

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