Friday, February 5, 2010

Sonuva part XI

Continued working on Sadis-Jyn's animations today. There's definitely some serious progress goin' on, I just have a few more moves to refine and he should be all set. I spent about 2 to 3 hours working on his finisher tonight... sadly, however, it wasn't turning out that great... and sometimes you have to stop trying to make an idea work and start from scratch... Which is sad, I could have gone to bed HOURS ago... oh well. I won't be able to do much with him until Sunday night... after the Superbowl... Here's hoping to have him finished soon so I can get cracking on some of the other characters. I may spend some time this weekend storyboarding them more...

In the mean time, the link below will show you his animations up to date...

And no questionable content this time, so kids, feel free to indulge in the Sonuva goodness!

If at first you don't succeed,
~ Mark

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