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I've had a game idea in mind for quite some time now. I always wanted to make a fighting game, reminiscent of the Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter II era. I always preferred the 2d, sidescroll look of video games, was never a huge fan of 3D unless it was a first person shooter, or something like Gears of War. It just seems to me like games used to be about the art work, not how advanced the graphical engine was.

In any case, this was my idea, the game is called "Sonuva"... it's really not worth looking into, it was a nonsense name... I actually got the idea when I was discussing the idea with a friend of mine and for some reason he was like, sunuva gun... and I for some reason saw the word Sonuva from that... which sounds completely different than "Son of a"... it sounds more like Sun-oov-uh. Whatever, I got side tracked...

Here's a screenshot of how the menu will most likely look:

The basic plot is this:

A powerful ancient mystic, Riluto, grew so powerful that her very essence evolved itself into a separate entity known to many as "Sonuva". It was rumored that Sonuva held the power to manifest the very will of whomever controlled it. Riluto prophesied her death. In a final attempt to control her own destiny, she extended an offer to the world. If anyone dare challenge her power and arise victorious, she will hand over Sonuva, thus granting him (or her)any wish of their own desire. Many battles have ensued, and these challengers remain...

The characters are as follows:

Riluto:The main antagonist of the game, her bio is basically described in the plot.

Jack:Born and raised in a small Irish community in Boston, Jack has given everything to keep his neighborhood thriving and honest. Surrounding areas have been giving into Mob rule due to poverty and unemployment and the Mafia has been slowly intruding on his community, endangering his family. Fearing for his children's safety, Jack enters the competition with nothing but his fists and a hand-made baseball bat. The underdog of the competition, Jack has surprised even Sonuva as he ruthlessly and violently makes his way to the top as one of the final fighters remaining.

Azriel:Sacrificing his life to save the one he loved, Azriel was granted a second chance at life... only not as a man. Taking on the mantel of the Grim Reaper, Azriel was fused with the Angel of Death, who's wings manifest themselves as scythes protruding from Azriel's hands. Feeling Sonuva's offer to be both dangerous and blasphemous, Azriel and his Scythe embark on a mission to see Sonuva destroyed.

Hunter:A government experiment gone very wrong. Hunter, a skilled swordsman, was chosen by the US to enter Sonuva's competition. Being trained heavily in a virtual reality simulation, he experienced a psychotic break and could no longer distinguish between reality and VR.
Thinking himself to still be in training, Hunter has begun a psychotic rampage on his way to Sonuva, killing everything in his path using his government issued "Flame Blades". Mentally separated from reality, it is uncertain whether Hunter will complete his original mission, or if he has ulterior motives for the prize.

Here's my first run at his animations, just a starting point if anything:

Nark:Member of an elite collegiate-aged group of heroes known to many as "Abundant Life". Nark wields supernatural artistic abilities of manifestation and decimation. After his team mysteriously disappeared during an encounter with a demonic presence, he discovered Sonuva's challenge and entered the competition, determined to win prize and bring back his friends.

Nephilim:Nephilim belongs to a race of beings conceived of an unholy union of Angel and Man, almost 4,000 years ago. Immortal, yet forbidden to ever enter Heaven's gates (nor Hell's for that matter), his kind were outcasted and shunned. Wandering the earth alone, Nephilim seeks to obtain Sonuva's prize and become human... whether his mortality leads him to Hell or to Heaven.

Mille:I actually haven't written a bio for this character yet, mainly because he'll most likely be a bonus character... But he'll probably be from space or something...

The gameplay will be pretty basic, there's not much you can do to improve on 2d fighting games, especially when done in Flash... and you don't have a very large amount of coding experience. But there will be a store between matches which you can use points earned in each fight to purchase new moves, finishers, characters, stages, etc...

Basic fighting moves will be a little limited for the sake of production time, there will be a quick strike, a power strike, a jumping attack and a ducking attack for basic moves. Each player will get a special attack and one additional attack which can be purchased at the store. Also, the method for these special attacks will be a little different from most games, you'll have a limited amount of specials you can use per round, this way we can prevent any cheap "Shoryken" fireball nonsense each fight. It'll add some strategy to the game, though additional special attacks per round may be purchased at the store as well. We'll see how that goes.
There will be a finisher system, i.e. Mortal Kombat Fatalities, haven't given a huge amount of thought to how that will work though, most likely there will be a Teen version and a Mature version which will be accessed differently for the sake of various audiences, we like to keep 6am family friendly.

In the past, I've made some attempts at developing a Flash-based fighting game... it was definitely an experience. The end products were pretty good, but still not perfect. You can view them here (Don't forget to click on the flash piece before trying to use the key commands):

Attempt # 1

Attempt #2

So yeah. That's the whole schpeal on S0nuva. I'll be designing it and programming it in Flash, which is my true love... that and Gwen Stefani... which my girlfriend is not pleased about... it's all lies, baby.

I'll be updating this project through this blog as I work on it. I'll hopefully have some more character animations and whatnot pretty soon. In the meantime, enjoy!

~ Mark

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