Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sonuva part XVI

So it's been a while since I've posted anything on Sonuva... I have to apologize for that, I've been busy with a 3 week contract gig which has been occupying most of my time... and wouldn't you know it, I've been going to bed early!

But sadly, this is no excuse for my lack of Sonuva Progress. So I previewed a close up of the next character I was working on... his name is Leo. I haven't done much other than his stance and punch, but here's where I'm at with him... his character is a little different than the usual roster I've been displaying (which I think has been diverse enough to date) in that he's a little lankier and doesn't look like much of a fighter... and that scarf of his is very pretty. So how is "Leo" the name of a fighter? Simple... he's named after my pet Miniature Schnauzer whom I had growing up... still not manly enough? Well, Leo's ability is that he's basically a Were-Schnauzer...


Yeah, I didn't expect an inspired reaction... but I'm not in this for you... unless you're willing to pay, in which case I will make him a Were-"Anything you want if it's PG-13 rated"... But nobody's paying me. So I have crazy amounts of freedom. So you're getting a killer Man/Schnauzer. I haven't animated his full transformation... that may take some time... but you'll see bits and pieces of him mutating while he fights and even while he's idle. Odds are the only full Schnauzerness you'll witness will be his finisher... which I'm planning out.

This character was a total last minute idea, and I've been putting a few other characters on hold until he's completed. In the meantime, his updates may be less progressive than most characters, so if these posts get too boring, I'll blog on a few other aspects of the game that are coming along in addition to this character... i.e. Character concepts, stage concepts, etc... I'll be attempting to post more sketches and production media of that nature.

You may view what I do have animated at the following link:

On a side note, I checked Google Analytics today and noticed a huge increase in the amount of people viewing this blog... as well as an increase in regions... i.e. other countries, like Sweden (you rock, Sweden). What I've also noticed is that those views are aimed specifically at these Sonuva updates... so rest assured, if y'all are really taking an interest in this game, then I'll be posting more often on it until you've had your fill of Sonuva'ness. I'm hoping to have this game finished this year... I may have more of a ball park once all the animation/art work is near completion. The main issue will be getting people to help me program it... so hey, if you're interested, you know how to contact me.

(Soft Sound of Schnauzer Howling),
~ Mark

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