Monday, March 29, 2010

Sonuva part XXIV

So the general consensus about the Pinkerton Stage was that it's a little too happy...

Let it be read this day that Mark Marianelli is a man of the people! ... or... the two of his friends that were like, "It's too happy."

I updated the stage a little It's no longer daytime and the walls and floor are a little grittier... It's starting to look more like Goro's Layer now... I'll be working this week on the upper level of the stage which will be the actual clock tower. Next step from there is implementing a lil' stage-finisher action. You think I put those hooks in for the scenery??

Check it out:

'The Edgell' is working on a few stages for me as well which (so I'm told) are coming along nicely... I've been shut out from seeing them until their completion, but I'm sure they will be no less than perfection... 'The Keith' is also concepting some ideas... I think... well, if anything, he's writing some sick music tracks, as is DG2P over at Microsong... I got to hear some of it, it's really good. Hopefully we can unveil the track soon. I've commissioned a few others to bust out some tunes as well, we'll see how it all comes together I guess...

S'all I got. Scram!
~ Mark

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  1. I like that the floor is wooden. Its more vivid that way. What about this: Meat Locker stage, swinging meat both in background and foreground in front of fighters occasionally, floor is a two way conveyor belt moving toward a rusty sub floor grinder vat. No life bars, just keep fighting till you grind your opponent. As clock ticks the belts get faster. It could be a battle mode like the pipes in SMB 3. hmm?

  2. That's actually a really good idea... Kinda' like a tug-o-war match, right? That beats the crap out of that stupid "Test Your Might" stuff MK used to do...

    Haha, I wonder how hard it would be to create the old SMB3 mini-game using these characters... That would be pretty sweet too...