Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sonuva part XVIII

Yes... Sketches galore! In the off time, I've been concepting another aspect of the game which I haven't really touched on at this point... The Stages. Some of the more memorable aspects of the classic fighting games involve the scenery, it sets the mood and sometimes adds to the gameplay...

I have my buddy Edgell working on some stages, but whilst I waitith for him..ith... I sketched out some ideas I'd like to use... The first being my own homage to my High School, Pinkerton Academy. This stage is meant to be in the clock tower... but nobody will really know that... I highly doubt there's meat-hooks in the tower, but I'm sure there's chains in there somewhere... right? Eh. I doubt there's anything there except for bats and roaches... and evidently Sonuva warriors. Though, the three windows are below the actual "clock" portion of the tower. The windows, the chains, the meat-hooks, the wooden floors... it all leaves room for such carnage to ensue at the end of a fight...

This next idea is just a recreated version of one of my illustrations from a while back... The ol' DNA tree. Not a ton to say about it other than that I'd like to see what could be done interactively with that ribcage in the background... I'd also like to know what animal that ribcage once belonged to... I hope it's extinct. The Earth needs no more giants. I may want a city in the background... I don't know.

This last concept comes from "Abundant Life"... A Superhero comic I worked on about my college buddies... well, I should say, 'still work on'... but that probably won't happen till' this game is finished. There was an underground lab run by generators powered by 6 soulless men with plugs in their backs... Yeah that probably makes no sense... and that's okay. I always thought it'd be a cool place for a fighting game, and seeing as there's a fighter from the Abundant Life world, it seems appropriate.

That's all I got for now... it's late and I swear I'm getting arthritis from drawing so much over my lifetime... I'm not that old.

My bones!
~ Mark

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