Friday, March 12, 2010

Sonuva part XX

It has certainly been a long week of little to no progress... emphasis on the "no" part. But not to fear, true progress has been made this day!

Given the recent development of my employment situation, I won't have as much time to devote to working on Sonuva... or anything personally creative for that matter. So in an effort to push this game along, I've decided to scrap the "Leo" character and absorb some of his facial features into "Nark"... this way Nark doesn't look like a complete color swap of "Hunter" (which is what he is). It was kind of a difficult decision to scrap him, especially since he's based off of my dead dog. But I'll still use him in some way down the road. I think I mentioned the idea of add-ons in the last post, it'd be less stressful and would add to the game's replay value. In addition to the scraps, I'll be holding off on "Spider-Priest" as well as a character which Edge concepted named "Maith"... I'm still going to create these characters, but only once the other aspects of the game are close to finished... i.e. Stages, menus, interaction, etc... And there's still some animations I'm yet to finish on some of the already existing fighters.

So what have I done today besides cop out of a bunch of ideas? I began work on a fighter whom I sketched out in an earlier post. I've decided to name him "Legacy" for the time being. No reason really, I just like the name... though odds are it's already been used by Marvel or DC... They take all the good names. Bullies. He's basically a slave to "Sonuva", which is implied by the glowing Sonuva-Soul dangling above his head... Not sure if I want him to be evil in nature... but maybe I do... good people don't have horns. Doesn't matter, though, you still have to fight him to get to Sonuva...

Here's a quick animation of the entire roster to date, you can see Legacy quite clearly amongst the fighters, along with Nark's changes...

So... next steps! Tomorrow I'll be working all day finishing up Legacy's animations... if time permits, I may begin work on one of the stages, I just haven't decided which one yet... Probably the DNA Tree...

Till then my darlings,
~ Mark

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