Thursday, March 4, 2010

Phone Scans!

The one real downside to having a job (aside from the potential suck-factor of that job) is that you're working during the peak hours of creativity... which I believe (for the sober man at least) fall between the hours of noon and 5. Because I am working a contract gig which has me up at 5 and in bed by 10, the amount of awesomeness I'm capable of providing all you Marianelites (spell check is having a field day with that one) is incredibly limited.

I also have no access to a scanner at this job, so even if I make a sketch worth showing, it becomes a challenge to show anybody till I get home from work... and by then I don't care about my doodles. So I made a few sketches and I'm anxious to show them... my last resort? The infamous Camera Phone!! Two exclamation points so you know I mean business! <-- only one exclamation point there though.

I'm amazed at the amount of photo-editing capabilities phones have nowadays. I was able to sharpen, raise the contrast and crop this sketch in a matter of minutes... Still looks like crap cause it was taken with a camera phone, but I am obligated by unwritten law to give credit where it is due... and this phone has earned it (Samsung Impression in case you're wondering). Oh, and I drew Robocop... because I like Robocop... He's a robot... and he's a cop. He also shoots bad people and fights other robots. I'd like to see the Derry Police Department pull that last part off. Not to say they won't be ready when the robots revolt... I imagine we'll have lasers by then. And we can always use magnets if we need to... I'm pretty sure those fry circuits... they certainly did a number to those old Crapintosh computers they made us use in middle school to learn how to type... and that makes me confident, because I'm almost positive that the evil robots will be Mac Products... the Windows brand will catch colds to easily... computer colds. Like Independence Day... Jeff Goldblum will still be working for Mac... so I'm sure the MacBots will put his Alien Computer Virus skills to the test... He's dead though when they realize he's an actor.

Speaking of Aliens! What if they invaded Earth and realized everyone was a Vampire?? That would be the most epic battle of all time... why hasn't anybody done a movie about this?! Because I'd sue them for stealing my idea, that's why. Though I think the Aliens would already have some kind of UV Ray-gun to take down Dracula and his minions... but they wouldn't be invading Earth with that kind of technology, they'd have to fly back to their own planet, get the UV Ray-guns, fly BACK to Earth, which will most likely take a very long time, because I'm sure that the Vampires will have disabled their hyperdrive system during the last invasion. So when they get to Earth, the Vampires may have already evolved and no longer be allergic to the sun... Or, maybe they will have gained this ability by drinking Alien blood... Or they'll just wear Hazmat Suits when they do battle against the aliens... either way, the UV Rays will do no good and the Aliens will have to regroup on homebase AGAIN... and before you know it, there will just be this weird Roadrunner/Coyote thing going on and it'll just be goofy. I'd say Vampires win this one... unless the Aliens just decide to blow up Earth... but even then, Vampires are undead... Maybe they could live on Mars... then they could fight the DOOM demons living there... and that would be a much more balanced fight... but I'm sure it's been done before... I get no royalties on that franchise... and by then it'd be like, the 5th sequel in, and those are almost always Direct-to-DVD, and I just don't want any part of that... Nobody wants to see Jean-Claude Van Damme play a Vampire... Or do they?

~ Mark

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