Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sonuva XIX

So I haven't been able to finish a ton of work in the way of "Leo"... The Were-Schnauzer who looks like me. However, I have finished up his second attack move. The image to the left gives you a freeze glimpse of the facial transformation going on in the following animation link:

I'm hoping to do some gradual work over the next week, with mini-updates such as this one. I apologize for the slowed down production, but it's going to be a busy week. I'll get some work in when I can... In the meantime, I hope you eager beavers can settle for more sketches between animations. I know it's slow, but I'm pretty happy with the progress on this character...

As I've mentioned in previous posts, The Keith has been working on some character designs which I'm planning on using for this game. Next in this lineup is this little bundle of joy:

I'm sure after a brief glimpse of this image your children will be wetting the bed well into their 20's... If there's such thing as a mini-mini-boss, that's probably what he'll be. Here's The Keith's description...

"Spider-priest: I don't know why he worships the spider god, but he does. I'm no one to judge. Spikey jabs, floating jumps, light on his feet, holds people with mechanical legs while he beats them with his arms. He wears a face mask of solid bone, also a weapon. yep, and hes mystic and voodoo-ish. This is the last one for a while. I'm getting carpal tunnel lol."

We will certainly mourn the loss of your wrist, The Keith... It was for a good cause.

Now I'm not 100% on how this fighter will function within the game, but I know I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one. There's a few other characters he's concepting, but given how long this game as taken up to this point, I may or may not need to save them for either a Sonuva II or an add-on character set down the road.

Aight. Stay Tuned.

Spider Priest, Spider Priest, does whatever...
~ Mark

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