Monday, March 22, 2010

Sonuva part XXII

Yeah, I really suck at updates lately... I apologize. I spent this weekend working on some illustrations for a buddy of mine... I'd love to post them, but I promised I'd hold off displaying them publicly (They're a surprise!)...

In any case, I was able to take some time tonight to work on Sonuva... which I'm going to be calling Son'Uva in the end... I'm tired of people thinking it's pronounced "Son of a"... Yeah, I understand that's the spelling people use when typing the phrase, but people... people... That spelling is sounded out "Sun - Oove - Ah"... Now I gotta' go and change the spelling to make y'all get it. Sheesh.

Legacy is coming along nicely. I'm finding him to be a pain to animate though... Perhaps a part of me is just tired of character animation at this point... I've done a lot... and this is my first time really animating something of this caliber... I mean, I've animated fighting robots, but their limbs were lines... and the rest of their bodies were circles... not very complicated. I completed Legacy's first special attack... Surprisingly, this is the only fireball in the game... I was a little surprised about that tonight while I was working on it... I mean, generally, almost every character in a fighting game has a fireball... I'll have to be more generic next time around... Yes, that fireball is a demon-looking-thing.

I also finished work on Legacy's uppercut... Say what you will about the "Sho-ryu-ken", the fact this guy is summoning fire from the pits of Hades (which resides within him) makes him much more hardcore than those Inner-Strength, Buddhist, gi-wearing color swaps from the Street Fighter series... Hadoken-kiss it, forealz... Please don't sue me, Capcom.

You can view Legacy's updated animations here:

So I'll try and be a little more consistent with the updates, but I make that promise all the time to no avail... just keep checking in.

Tatsumaki-Senpū kyaku!
~ Mark

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