Friday, March 5, 2010

Sonuva Part XVII

Again, I find myself scannerless... A cold breeze sweeps over the room as the pages in my sketch pad flip rapidly, almost as if to escape their ringed confinement and reveal themselves to an unsuspecting world of creativity... How I long to grant their wish... My only option... The Samsung Impression. I effortlessly snap a shot from the book's milky white pages and proceed to edit the crude photograph with ease from within the phone's menus...

Can you believe it? I don't even get paid to promote that phone, yet here I am, placing it upon a pedestal for the world to embrace.

This is a Sonuva Blog. I shall now speak on Sonuva.

I've been going over the roster of characters and have decided to scrap "Nephilim"... Not because I don't like him, he's one of my favorites, but I'm finding him to be incredibly difficult to animate. He's basically wearing a body suit... which makes the division of limbs look off when he moves... You know, it's hard to explain, but take my word for it... he won't look right. Not yet at least...

But I've been concepting a replacement for him... I don't have a name for this guy yet, but here goes...

I was telling "The Keith" about my intentions to scrap Nephilim and he was a little disappointed given the fact there wouldn't be any noticeably large characters... a la "Goro" or "Zangiff". So I figured I should probably make a large character... mainly to serve as a sub-boss before you go toe to toe with Sonuva herself... I'll concept some more ideas, but I'm diggin' on this guy quite a bit... He's actually a recreated version of a villain I made up when I was little called "General Fireblood"... Whatever, I was 10, I could get away with cheesy names like that. He was basically a skull with head acne and a huge physique... needless to say, he's not an zit covered skeleton anymore. Though that's pretty awesome...

I'll keep updating on his development, in the meantime there's a few other characters whom both "The Keith" and "The Edge" (not to be mistaken with the U2 guitarist) have been concepting for me which I need to flesh out still... so much to do! On top of that, I have to complete "Leo"... I'm a busy boy.

Whistling while I work,
~ Mark

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