Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sonuva part XXV

Given that Easter is this weekend, this will probably be the last Sonuva update until next week... I'll hopefully go ape-nuts with these updates starting on Monday, but we'll see... Busy boy, busy boy...

But, I'll leave you with some morbid goodness to let corrupt your mind over the weekend... I worked on the first stage-finisher of the game... There's going to be another variation of this, which my good friend, "The Edge" (not to be mistaken with the U2 guitarist), had concepted for me... and it's a little more twisted than this one... which is a good thing, I need screwed up thinkers on this game... This ain't yo' daddy's fighter! ... Actually, I'm a lot older now, this might be your daddy's fighter... your daddy may be close to my age... messed up.

As I had alluded to in previous posts about this stage, those hooks ain't for decoration! What I like about these stage finishers is that there isn't a ton of animation required, I don't have to worry about both fighters interacting with each other or anything like that... All I have to do is have the victor perform an uppercut and have the other fighter fly off the screen and land somewhere else on the screen... then die. You'll find I experimented a little with color in this one... I don't know if I'll keep this concept or not... It looks like a rated-R Gatorade commercial... Or something out of Sin City.

Well anyway. I don't think there's a ton to really explain here... Just watch the animation and give me some feedback... specifically praise. I love praise. Especially when it's aimed at me... Sue me, I got picked on in Middle School.

You can watch the link here... Just a warning, it's violent, so don't watch it if that's offensive to you. Aight? We straight? Got it?? Cool. Stay in school, kids.

So that's what I gots! More updates next week on this and hopefully I'll get around to finishing up the animations for Legacy as well.

~ Mark

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