Tuesday, June 28, 2011

kill turBle

When I was concepting some villains for Turble back in the day, I came up with this guy... He's a little mutant thing in a ball. I only had time to animate him rolling around and messing Turble up for the time being, but he'll do some thangs I'm sure...  Ahh, time. Actually, time is the reason I went with creating an Orb for a bad guy... What's easier to make than a circle with some limbs? Eh? Yeah... Maybe I'll just end up scrapping this guy, but he's simple and I wanted to accomplish SOMETHING today... Especially after just attending a design conference, I think you're supposed to be inspired after those...

This particular character has no name yet... I've been referring to him as either "Ball" or "kill turBle" (because of the scrolling text on his screen). Maybe he has potential.

Alright, enough reading. Do the usual. Click the image, watch an animation, up my analytics, then let them drop until the next post... I'm sure if this little ditty keeps up long enough I'll be filthy rich in no time...

How exciting! He rolled!
~ Mark

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